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it is really really bizarre to click a thread on tbt and see people talking about my town

And not totally checking out your blog too ^^


I hav 2 go grocery shopping but i should be back in a few hours so ill get to messages then. Oh and I also live in EST time for all you curious. :3

that one time I followed lopez when he moved out
a long time ago I caught Isabelle sleeping on the job. It hasnt happened again since.
I don’t even know why I bother with those things i mean who reads them<3
Lopez<3 I miss that little guy. His greeting was “Ellllopez!”
Secret santa meeting…
Claudia grew on me. She gave me her picture toward the end too, and then sent another in the mail to me. I was sad to see her go but she got sent to someone nice who had her listed as a dreamie. :3
Town square before I added the alice in wonderland paths